My name is Liz Ann Eve and I like writing about mental health. Either my own experiences of it, or looking at reports and research. There’s so much information out there, but I aim to pick out key messages and themes.

If you’re an earlier follower, you’ll know this originally as The Psychedelic Sallies. I began the blog to pool content around both spirituality and mental health. They’re both a reasonable part in my life. A few weeks after setting up the blog, I recovered some deep-rooted trauma, which side tracked things. Alongside depression and anxiety, I was also dealing with cPTSD.

In my day to day, I work within a medical regulatory body in the UK and I’m Chair of the Mental Health Network there. As both an individual in society who faces mental distress and someone aiming to improve mental health within a medical regulator, I have a need to write about mental healthcare as best I can.

The topics and ethics are complex and vast, particularly in the UK and our position in Europe. And I’m trying to look at this when I’m also dealing with my own trauma so sometimes things appear a bit messy until further review. But if anything has been reasonably consistent, it’s my innate ability to want to take everything on and make it all okay.